Saturday, July 13, 2024

WA sparks $10m e-waste infrastructure grants program

The WA Government has announced more than $10 million in infrastructure grants to support the state’s electrical and electronic waste collection and recycling network.

E-waste are items with a plug, battery or cord that are no longer working or wanted. The WA Government has committed to banning e-waste disposal to landfill from 2024.

The ban would initially include televisions, mobile phones, computers, screens, data storage, white goods, batteries, medical devices, lighting and lamps.

Environment Minister, Reece Whitby said the grants funding will be administered over two years to support projects under two streams.

“This is a great opportunity to boost the State’s e-waste collection and recycling network,” Mr Whitby said.

“Banning e-waste disposal to landfill means we can recover valuable materials that would otherwise be lost and help protect the environment.

“This is a rapidly growing stream of waste and it’s critical we reduce, reuse and recycle as WA moves closer to its goal of a circular economy.” 

Up to $250,000 is on offer for new or upgraded facilities to increase their capability and capacity to collect, manage and store e-waste, before reuse or onward reprocessing. 

Up to $2 million is available for projects that increase capacity and capability in the State’s e-waste management network. This includes purchasing equipment and installation as well as new or upgraded infrastructure for e-waste reprocessing and recycling.

Applications will close on 31 March 2023.

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