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WA Govt plugs in to EV charger grant program

WA Energy Minister, Bill Johnston, has today launched the Charge Up Workplace Grant Program, a $15 million grant funding commitment as part of a strategy to expand electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure throughout the State.

“The McGowan Government is committed to preparing the State for the transition to EVs and ensuring the stability of the electricity system as the number of EVs increases,” said Minister Johnston.

He said the Charge Up Workplace Grant Program will make it easier and more cost-effective for small to medium enterprises, not-for-profit organisations, and local government authorities to install EV charging equipment.

“The program will fund EV chargers in the workplace and at destinations where people typically spend time during the day, for example carparks, hospitality businesses, tourist attractions, parks and beaches.”

The program prioritises daytime charging, which will enable EV owners to charge up from the solar energy that powers the grid when the sun is shining.

“I urge businesses, local councils, and those in the not-for-profit sector to consider how a Charge Up Workplace Grant can be used to provide EV charging infrastructure that benefits their business, their customers and clients, and their visitors,” said Mr Johnston.

Up to $3.75 million is available in the first round of the Charge Up Grants which target not for-profit organisations, small and medium businesses, and local government authorities.

The grants will meet about half the costs of buying and installing charging stations and associated software, the Minister said.

He said the program has been designed to maximise opportunities for daytime EV charging, promote off-peak EV charging, support the conversion of organisation fleets to EVs and, over time, stimulate a second-hand EV market. EV owners will be able to reduce their carbon emissions by charging up during the day, as this is when the electricity grid is powered by the greatest share of clean solar energy.

“I’d encourage Western Australian businesses and councils to get involved and apply for this funding to support the electric vehicle switch,” said Climate Action Minister, Reece Whitby.

“The electric vehicle revolution will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve urban air quality and help WA reach its carbon reduction targets.

“We want Western Australians to embrace this transition, and the grant funding is an important step to drive the uptake of electric vehicles across our State.”

Round One grants will fund: 

  • 50% of the cost of up to four Level Two EV chargers (7 to 22kW AC) per site, for up to five sites;
  • 50% of EV charger installation costs, with a cap of $5,000 per site in metropolitan areas and $10,000 per site in regional and remote areas; and
  • 75% of the cost of a two-year smart charging software subscription. 

A maximum grant value of $50,000 per approved applicant will apply in metropolitan areas, with a maximum value of $75,000 in regional and remote areas in recognition of the higher installation costs.  

The grants will be administered by the Energy Policy WA Group within the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety in accordance with established grant administration protocols.

“Investment in EV infrastructure will complement our Government’s funding towards public transport infrastructure, and overall efforts to combat climate change,” said Transport Minister, Rita Saffioti.

“Through initiatives such as creating the world’s longest electric vehicle highway – the WA EV Network – and now the Charge Up Workplace Grant Program, the McGowan Government is helping to establish that infrastructure.

“Private EV owners are not the only beneficiaries of these initiatives. The Charge Up Workplace Grant Program will also support the conversion of fleet vehicles to EVs, which, in time, will stimulate a second-hand EV market,” she said.

Round One grant applications open on 16 February 2023 and close on 12 May 2023.

For full details of the Charge Up Workplace Grant Program and to apply for a Charge Up Grant, visit 

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