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Titans NRWL team get behind Women in Manufacturing plan

The Gold Coast Titans women’s team are getting behind the Queensland Government’s Women in Manufacturing Strategy as part of a new sponsorship to attract women to the sector.

The Women in Manufacturing Strategy was first launched in March in a bid to attract and retain women in the industry, with particular focus on increasing participation in traditionally male-dominated roles.

The new partnership will promote the Women in Manufacturing Mentoring Program and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Toolkit.

Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing, Glenn Butcher says a bigger and more diverse manufacturing industry means more secure Queensland jobs.

“We know it’s difficult for manufacturers to attract and retain skilled workers, and we know that only 11% of workers on the tools are women – we can do better than this,” the Minister said.

“Attracting and upskilling women is a win-win for the workforce and for women, who can find a rewarding career in manufacturing.

“A partnership with the Titans Women’s Rugby League Team, just makes sense. This is a fantastic opportunity to share lessons from succeeding in traditionally male dominated fields.”

The Mentoring Program is designed in collaboration with Ai Group. The Program helps young women in school and new entrants to manufacturing build confidence, develop their careers and expand their networks. Eligible applicants will be matched with an industry mentor who will support and guide them towards achieving their career goals.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Toolkit is being delivered to manufacturing businesses across Queensland. The virtual resource will provide strategies to employers looking to diversify their workforce, improve resilience and reduce turnover.

In a statement, the Government said there were many parallels between women working in traditional male dominated industries and women in sport, as the State work towards gender equality and promoting equal access to opportunities.

“Our club is absolute in its commitment to the development of the women’s game in rugby league and with the national spotlight on women’s sport at the moment it’s a great time to be involved,” said Titans CEO, Steve Mitchell.

“We are excited to be partnering with the Queensland Government in a program that is aligned in values and objectives, with both organisations striving to achieve greater opportunities for women, in work and in sport.”

Queensland’s manufacturing sector contributes $20 billion a year to the economy and employs around 180,000 Queenslanders.

The Government says research has identified that the Queensland workforce will need an additional 280,000 to keep up with demand by 2024/25 and manufacturing will be one area to feel the shortfall.

“I’m very privileged to work in a role that highlights both the opportunity and supports a large cohort of Queenslanders looking to progress their careers through apprenticeships,” said Titans player and Busy at Work spokesperson, Emily Bass.

“Women’s professional sport is rapidly growing and it’s exciting that we’re able to use our story and platform to inspire others to tackle the many opportunities available through manufacturing.

“I’m personally very proud to see my two passions converging, and my personal goal is to help as many people as possible complete their apprenticeships and forge prosperous careers.”

Ai Group Queensland State Head, Dean Deighton said he wants women to know there is support available to help them find their path into manufacturing.

“We are rolling out a range of initiatives to welcome women into a career in this incredibly varied sector and it is proven that mentoring is a great strategy to improve attraction and retention rates.”

“A career in manufacturing doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be a welder on the factory floor, although that is one option open to women. It could be anything in a vast array of careers that include jobs such as a logistics coordinator, a production supervisor, a CNC machinist, a supply chain manager – the list is almost endless,” he said.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Toolkit can be found on the DRDMW website.

The Mentoring Program can be found on the Ai Group website.  

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