Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Tassie detective comes to aid of crocodile attack victim

Tasmania Police Detective Taneka Starr came to the rescue of a man following a crocodile attack in a swimming hole in the Northern Territory at the weekend.

Senior Constable Starr (pictured), who is based in Tasmania’s north-west, was on holiday swimming with her family in Wangi Falls in Litchfield National Park about 11.30am on Sunday when fellow onlookers raised the alarm.

“My family and children were swimming in the water when people started yelling for everyone to get out. We formed a circle together to make sure we all made it out of the water safely as a group, especially the children,” she said.

“We then saw that a man had suffered injuries to his arm and together my sisters and I provided first aid.

“I’m so glad that everyone was ok. It was a pretty terrifying experience.”

NT Parks and Wildlife closed down the area following the incident.

Around 80 people were swimming at Wangi Falls on Sunday when the attack happened.

Wangi Falls is a popular swimming hole, about an hour’s drive south of Darwin.

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