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Seven Queensland police receive APM

Queensland Minister for Police, Mark Ryan and Police Commissioner, Katarina Carroll today congratulated seven officers from the QPS who will receive the Australian Police Medal.

Announced twice a year, on Australia Day and the upcoming King’s Birthday, the APM is awarded for distinguished service by a member of an Australian police agency, after being nominated by Commissioners of each policing jurisdiction.

“These awards represent the commitment of our officers to protect and serve the community, and I am honoured to acknowledge their outstanding achievements and contributions,” Minister Ryan said. 

“These officers personify what it means to be a member of the Queensland Police Service. 

“I look forward to acknowledging these officers and putting on display their unwavering commitment to serving and protecting our community.”

Commissioner Carroll said she was incredibly proud to present seven officers, who were leading by example and demonstrating the values and standards that QPS uphold as a police organisation.

“The APM is a symbol of exceptional service, integrity, and selflessness,” she said.

“Today, we pay tribute to the remarkable men and women who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to protect and serve our community.

“The dedication and professionalism of our officers serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for all members of the QPS.” 

All recipients will be presented with their medal at an upcoming ceremony.

The QPS recipients are:

Detective Superintendent Denzil Clark APM

Detective Superintendent Clark commenced with QPS on 28 January 1986, and was sworn in as a police officer on 4 January 1988. He has served as a police officer for 35 years with most of his service as an investigator during which time, he has led multi-disciplinary investigative units to resolve major and serious crimes.

He continues to serve the community of Queensland as an operational and frontline police officer with the ability to respond, on and off duty, to calls for assistance from members of the public and to respond to emergency incidents.

He has worked as a regional investigator in the Juvenile Aid Bureau, Child Protection Investigation Unit and Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) and as a specialist investigator in Task Force Argos, the Crime and Corruption Commission and various groups within the Crime and Intelligence Command.

He has overseen investigations of the most serious and systemic corruption in the state including allegations against politicians, senior members of government, police, and other public officials.

He has successfully led and delivered strategic law enforcement projects of state and national significance including the establishment of the National Child Offender System, the Queensland Child Protection Offender Register (CPOR) and the State-wide Access to Seized Digital Evidence.

In 2018, he commenced as the Detective Superintendent, Operations Commander of the Child Abuse and Sexual Crime Group. In this role, he is responsible for the QPS capabilities of child abuse, sexual crime, youth justice and CPOR.

(Photo by: Heidi Gibson – Radio 4MW)

Senior Sergeant Jamie Horn APM (pictured, above)

Senior Sergeant Horn commenced with QPS on 29 January 1990, and was sworn in as a police officer on 7 December 1990. He has served as a police officer for 32 years as a dedicated general duties officer in various rural and remote police stations in Far North Queensland including at Smithfield, Yarrabah, Weipa, Aurukun, Pormpuraaw, Cairns and Rollingstone.

He emerged as a leader and has served as an Officer in Charge at Lockhart River, Thursday Island, Gordonvale and in his current role at the Cairns Police Station.

His influential leadership style is built on the trust generated by his genuine desire to support the officers he leads, and enduring respect for the culturally diverse communities he has served. He is widely respected for his professional engagement with remote First Nations communities in Far North Queensland and has established many of the service protocols and key community relationships in place today.

His respectful management style empowers both police employees and community members to engage in a spirit of shared enterprise and forward focus. His sincere respect for people of all cultures and backgrounds is the cornerstone of his outstanding reputation as a trusted and respected police officer. His welcoming and inclusive bearing increases community confidence and translates directly into excellence in service delivery.

Senior Sergeant Horns’ status as a highly valued leader also positions him as an outstanding role model and mentor. His presence in any situation instantly generates a professional and positive workplace culture, offering junior officers a clear example of professional conduct for which to aspire.

Sergeant Toni Phelan APM

Sergeant Phelan commenced with QPS in 1990 and was sworn in as a police officer in 1991. Sergeant Phelan has served in various locations including Cairns, Mossman, Dalby, and Ipswich and it was during her time at Mossman, in particular working with domestic and family violence victims in the First Nations community that has influenced and steered her career path. This led to her promotion to her current position as Domestic and Family Violence Coordinator (DFVC) for the Ipswich District, where she has served for the past 18 years. She was the first DFVC appointed by the QPS.

Sergeant Phelan was inducted into the Queensland Government Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) Prevention Honour Roll in 2021, for her commitment to eliminate DFV in the community and improve policing responses. Her nomination came from a DFV victim survivor, further reiterating her positive impact on the community.

Whilst constantly developing different approaches to improve policing responses, Sergeant Phelan has remained focused on strengthening her communities, and fellow police officers’ knowledge through engagement, education, awareness, and prevention. This is subsequently changing attitudes and behaviours in policing responses to DFV by being a compassionate, inspiring officer, who is enthusiastic about behavioural change.

Throughout her career, Sergeant Phelan has demonstrated exemplary leadership to frontline police, as well as external support agencies, producing outstanding service delivery in the DFV sphere to the Queensland community ensuring enhanced policing responses.

Senior Sergeant Toni Poli APM

Senior Sergeant Poli commenced with QPS on 27 January 1986, and was sworn in as a police officer on 3 July 1987. During his police career, he has served as a general duties officer in various police stations including Mareeba, Chermside, Alderley, Ferny Grove and Indooroopilly.

In his current position as the Officer in Charge of Tannum Sands, he has proven his dedication and commitment to the community which he serves. He is dedicated to making his community a safer place and has formed close professional working relationships with all government level agencies, business organisations and local community groups.

He has been instrumental in changing the face of policing in the Tannum Sands area, and his management of major policing events such as floods, cyclones and bushfires are recognised within the QPS and the community. His inclusive planning with community groups to hold large scale public events have embedded his place as an integral part of the Tannum Sands community.

Senior Sergeant Poli has set and maintained high standards within the workplace, including a clear display of integrity and courage on all policing matters, resulting in a positive direction for the Tannum Sands community.

Sergeant David Raymond BM APM (main photo)

Sergeant Raymond commenced with QPS on 29 May 1989 and was sworn in as a police officer on 8 December 1989. He has served his whole career in Far North Queensland including service as a general duties officer in Smithfield and Cairns Police Station, Officer in Charge of the Cairns Police-Citizens Youth Club where he was instrumental in its establishment. He is currently the Officer in Charge of the Far North District Dog Squad.

In his role, he routinely attends urgent incidents as a first responder and assumes the role of the Police Forward Commander at complex high-risk incidents. His professionalism, calmness under pressure and energetic leadership ensure that all officers are aware of operational objectives and are motivated to confidently pursue successful outcomes.

He is renowned for his exemplary leadership and operational capability in the most demanding of circumstances. His outstanding reputation has emerged from an ability to apply critical expertise in extremely challenging policing environments and demonstrate extraordinary, unwavering dedication to the safety of the Far North community.

His pursuit of excellence influences police officers at all levels and positions him as a constant driving force behind successful, urgent policing responses and enhancement of frontline service delivery.

During his operational career, Sergeant Raymond has been the recipient of several awards including the Bravery Medal and Commendation for Brace Conduct.

Sergeant Raymond is a trusted mentor who has a genuine interest in the wellbeing of his fellow frontline officers. This is perfectly evidenced by his extraordinary, independent efforts to ensure their work is appreciated and recognised.

Inspector Darren Somerville APM

Inspector Somerville commenced with QPS on 31 January 1984 and was sworn in as a police officer on 5 July 1985. He has served as a general duties officer and investigator in rural and remote areas, including Nambour, Cloncurry, Redcliffe, Cooktown, Gladstone, Emerald and Rockhampton.

He was appointed as a detective in 1993 and served as the Officer in Charge of Cooktown CIB and the Gladstone Juvenile Aid Bureau. He has also served as the Officer in Charge of Emerald and Rockhampton Police Stations.

Commencing as Inspector in 2006, he has been integral in disaster management as a District Disaster Coordinator and his leadership and collaboration in the community has been highlighted during the QPS response to bushfires, cyclones, and COVID-19.

He has and continues to serve the community of Queensland as an operational frontline police officer with the expectation to respond, on and off duty, to calls for assistance from members of the public and to emergency incidents.

Inspector Somerville is a dedicated police officer and has a reputation as being professional, supportive, reliable, trustworthy, and maintaining calm and productive workplaces during times of high stress.

Superintendent Anne Vogler APM (pictured, above).

Superintendent Vogler commenced with QPS on 30 May 1994 and was sworn in on 9 December 1994. She has served as a general duties police officer in Brisbane City and Clayfield Divisions from 1994-1999.

In 1999, she moved to an investigator role in the State Crime Operations Branch and further served at Pine Rivers District CIB and North Brisbane District CIB until 2017.

From 2017-2022, she served in frontline leadership roles as a commissioned officer as the Crime and Support Group Inspector, Mt Isa District and as the Bundaberg Patrol Group Inspector and is currently the District Officer in the Wide Bay Burnett District.

Superintendent Vogler displays a high level of expertise and professional judgement and has been the lead investigator for multiple high profile and complex investigations, including murder investigations where she successfully led and managed contemporary investigative strategies which resulted in the swift arrest of offenders.

She demonstrates exemplary leadership both in the operational sphere and management of the workforce, and she displays a genuine and authentic interest in the professional and personal development of others. She always ensures the welfare of officers within her investigative teams remain a primary focus.

She has been instrumental in the professional development and career progression of many officers who have directly benefitted from her mentorship, support, and personal commitment in the identification and development of skills.

Superintendent Vogler has directly built the capability of the QPS workforce and in turn, strengthened the services delivered to the Queensland community in locations where she served.

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