Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Service NSW boosts support for small business

Service NSW today launched a new Business Bureau which it says will “give small business owners a seat at the table”, with a commitment to tackling unproductive red tape, helping businesses navigate government and boosting growth opportunities.

Minister for Small Business, Steve Kamper said the Service NSW Business Bureau will make it even easier for businesses to connect with specialised support, with a major upgrade to the Service NSW Business Bureau App.

“I’m passionate about small business. I’ve lived it my whole life and understand how important it is to work with business owners to find solutions which make being in business easier,” said the Minister.

“The Service NSW Business Bureau will boost support for small business owners with customised advice, no matter where they are on their business journey.

“Service NSW Business Bureau is there for every small business, there is no wrong door and we will work together to tackle unproductive red tape, break down barriers and build a stronger future.

“Whether it’s getting a business idea off the ground, growth opportunities or support in times of need, the Business Bureau is there for small businesses every step of the way.”

The app will provide businesses with support and a new range of features, including:

  • Tracking and saving licences associated to their business and employees in one place;
  • Booking expert advisors based on their unique business needs;
  • Viewing voucher payment summaries, transaction reports and bank details.

The Service NSW Business Bureau will connect businesses with free, personalised support to understand and access government programs to grow their business, alongside digital tools to manage transactions and licences.

“To have a Service NSW Business Concierge available on your phone and on the go via the business app will be a game changer for small business owners across the state, as well as the people who work for them,” said Minister for Digital Government, Jihad Dib.

The NSW Government has also begun work on the development of a Charter for Small Business, which will provide a framework for engaging with and supporting small businesses.

The Service NSW Business Bureau will be responsible for oversight of the Charter for Small Business, as well as the provision of advice and recommendations on further actions to support small businesses.

“Business NSW members across the state say dealing with paperwork is often the most time-consuming, unproductive and difficult part of running a business,” said Business NSW CEO, Daniel Hunter.

“We see the Service NSW Business Bureau as a way to decipher paperwork and ultimately let mum and dad business owners get on with what they do best – growing their business.

“We welcome the government’s approach to navigating red tape and its commitment to reduce it. It’s everyone’s business to ensure small businesses can go big.

“Providing business support for both winning government tenders and exporting will also play a key role in growing small businesses. What’s good for business is good for NSW.”

There are more than 840,000 small businesses in NSW which make up 98% of all NSW businesses. NSW small businesses employ 1.8 million people in the private sector, which is around 45% of the state’s private sector workforce.

For more information about the Service NSW Business Bureau, visit the Service NSW website.

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