Wednesday, July 24, 2024

SA public transport gets smart with tap and pay

Tap and pay convenience will be available to commuters across Adelaide’s public transport network, with new smart validators to be installed on all Adelaide Metro train services, the South Australian Government has announced.

The move completes the State Government’s rollout of the new payment system that began with trams and buses.

The Government has allocated $7 million over three years to implement the final Tap and Pay rollout on all Adelaide Metro trains.

The funding will also be used to replace barrier gates at Adelaide Railway Station.

“New electric trains on the Gawler Line have already been fitted with smart validators. These validators are currently metroCARD only but will start accepting credit cards when the broader Tap and Pay rollout is completed on all trains by mid-2025,” the Government said in a statement.

“This will allow customers to choose to use their Visa or Mastercard – including on their smartphone or other device – as well as their metroCARD to easily transfer between all Adelaide Metro buses, trains and trams, with a consistent experience and one type of smart validator aboard all vehicles.

“While using a metroCARD currently remains the best option for customers who transfer to other services or travel with a concession fare, Tap and Pay is a convenient option that makes public transport more accessible for many people, particularly occasional passengers and those visiting Adelaide.”

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