Monday, June 24, 2024

Record budget to unlock future of Territory education

The Northern Territory Government’s 2024 Budget will see all Government schools fully funded – bringing the Top End’s education budget to a record breaking $1.34 billion.

Chief Minister, Eva Lawler said her Government was focused on getting Territory students work ready and the landmark $1 billion funding boost to education will be used to improve skills and learning across all Territory schools. 

“I’m focused on ensuring Territory students are work ready and our education system is tailored so our kids are ready to start their careers or do further study when they leave school,” said the Chief Minister.

“Education changes lives and this record investment by the Territory Labor Government will open up a new era of opportunities for Territory children.

“No other Government in the history of the Northern Territory has achieved full and fair funded for our schools.”

Minister for Education, Mark Monaghan said fully funding NT schools would allow a greater focus on students getting the skills and knowledge needed to start their careers and be a success in the workforce. 

The historic investment will begin to flow into classrooms from 2025, with the education budget for Government schools increasing by $100 million, to a record $890 million, since the 2023 Budget.

“Today’s record education budget is more than just a figure on a piece of paper, it signifies a historic shift for the future generations of Territory students who will now have access to more and greater learning resources, programs and education infrastructure,” said Minister Monaghan.

“This isn’t just a win for students, teachers will also greatly benefit from the extra funding and we expect to be able to attract new and more teachers with the additional funding to flow over the next five years.

“The Territory faces specific challenges seen nowhere else in the country, and this extra funding will first go to supporting our most disadvantaged schools and creating a better future for children in remote communities,” he said.

The Government says Territorians can also expect to see greater school resources, improved infrastructure such as classrooms, better teaching and learning conditions and also more programs which will help students catch up, keep up and finish school.

The Territory Labor Government will also invest $34 million over three years and $2.5 million on-going from 2027-28 to overhaul the out-dated Student Administration and Management System (SAMS). A new fit for purpose Education Management System (EMS) will provide more streamlined and accurate records of student enrolment, attendance and performance.

A contemporary education management system will better enable schools and the system to support students and improve educational outcomes, the Government said.

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