Friday, April 19, 2024

Queensland public disclosure review calls for ‘brand new Act’

A review of Queensland’s Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 (PID Act) has made 107 recommendations, with the report’s author calling for a “brand new Act”.

The Honourable Alan Wilson KC yesterday delivered the Report on his extensive review of the Act.

Alan Wilson KC.

The PID Act is a key part of Queensland’s integrity framework and is designed to prevent, uncover and combat corruption and wrongdoing in Queensland’s public sector.

The Report, detailing 107 recommendations, was handed to the Government, following broad consultation with stakeholders.

The Report includes proposals for:

  • a brand new Act that is simple to use and easier to understand;
  • an expanded reach for a streamlined public interest disclosure framework;
  • a higher threshold for disclosable conduct;
  • more effective management and processes for managing public interest disclosures supported by enhanced oversight; and
  • better support, protections and remedies for whistleblowers.

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, Yvette D’Ath said the Queensland Government broadly supports the findings of the Report and is committed to renewing Queensland’s whistleblowing framework to ensure wrongdoing in the public sector can be effectively exposed and remedied, while ensuring whistleblowers are protected.

“We are grateful for the time the Honourable Alan Wilson KC and his team have dedicated to examining submissions and, ultimately, delivering a comprehensive review into the PID Act,” said Ms D’Ath.

“At first look, this is a game-changing review that will give whistleblowers more protections and, ultimately, the confidence to come forward.

“Understandably, being so comprehensive and broad, and with more than 100 recommendations, the Government will consider all of the recommendations and reasonings.”

The Report is available here.

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