Saturday, July 13, 2024

Queensland pedals bike-friendly business plan

Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads has developed a guide for businesses looking to become more bike-friendly.

The new guide is available online with tips and tricks for business owners and operators to become bike friendly and learn why it makes good business sense to do so.

The guide was informed by research with bike riders, businesses, local councils, and bike-riding industry groups across the state.

The research revealed almost 95% of frequent bike riders visit businesses when riding, and more than half of them stop and shop on most or every trip.

“Whether it’s a coffee after a morning cycling or cold drink midway through a daytime ride, the cycling community present a huge opportunity for Queensland businesses,” said Transport and Main Roads Minister, Mark Bailey.

“Talking with cycling groups, we’ve found one of the best ways for business owners to tap into this thriving market is to make it more convenient for riders to pull up and park.

“I am pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Become a bike-friendly business’ guide.

“It’s designed to give practical advice to Queensland businesses and help them understand the potential of the bike-riding market.

“It breaks down the essential things riders are looking for, and how business owners can get started on the path to bike-friendly business success.

Just as businesses are tapping into new markets by being family or pet friendly, being bike friendly can provide a genuine point of difference and help Queensland businesses attract new and repeat customers, the Minister said.

“By supporting businesses to make it more convenient and secure for people to ride and park their bike while they shop, the Queensland Government is helping create a great lifestyle through less traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and more opportunities for people to stay active and healthy,” he said.

The guide is available to download now on the TMR website at

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