Saturday, April 20, 2024

NT Police wave wand in weapons crackdown

Stronger powers to allow NT Police to stop and search individuals for knives and other dangerous weapons are now in operation in the Northern Territory.

Earlier this year, the Territory Labor Government strengthened the Police Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2023 to allow our Police to use hand-held scanners to detect concealed weapons.

Minister for Police, Kate Worden said the stronger powers would remove dangerous weapons from the community and keep Territorians safe.

“This legislation was introduced to keep Territorians safe and we are now seeing the positive impact the hand-held scanners are having,” she said.

“The removal of the dangerous weapons is a positive for our community. We listened to the concerns of the community and strengthened the legislation to allow police to prevent and respond to knife crime.”

NT Police began using hand-held scanning devices in Alice Springs and Katherine last week and now operations have begun in Darwin.

So far the operations have removed an axe during searches in Alice Springs and multiple pairs of scissors in Katherine, the Minister said.

NT Police have conducted hand-held scanning operations around Darwin beginning last week. During the operations, NT Police say 399 people have been scanned, with 12 weapons detected.

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