Wednesday, July 24, 2024

NT biosecurity exercise underway

The Northern Territory Government is conducting a biosecurity emergency services exercise today as it continues to prepare for the increased threat of disease incursions affecting livestock in South East Asia.

The Government says the threat from a range of emergency animal diseases (EAD) has escalated, with foot and mouth disease and lumpy skin disease outbreaks affecting Australia’s neighbouring countries.

Exercise TREAD 3 will practice the Territory’s Response arrangements to an EAD detection, said Minister for Agribusiness and Fisheries, Paul Kirby.

Staff from across NT Government and industry have been appointed to perform exercise roles similar to those they would encounter in a real life scenario.

“Being prepared has never been more important – the Territory’s beef industry is currently worth $1.2 billion, and would face devastating impacts if Foot and Mouth Disease or Lumpy Skin Disease, were to be detected here,” said Minister Kirby.

“This is why the Territory Labor Government is working to build capacity of industry, government and the community through training, awareness and targeted exercises.

“Exercise TREAD is a functional exercise to expose and prepare the NTG and industry stakeholders for an immediate response to an emergency animal disease outbreak.”

He said the exercise will ensure arrangements are well practiced in response to an emergency animal disease incident in the NT, as described in the Territory Response to Emergency Animal Disease Plan. 

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