Monday, June 24, 2024

New tasers approved for Victorian Police in major US deal

Victoria Police has signed an agreement with US-based supplier, Axon, for the provision of its Taser 7 model for frontline police and Protective Services Officers (PSOs).

Police Minister, Anthony Carbines says the addition will mean officers have more non-lethal options to help them safely respond to violent offenders and keep the community safe.

“Victoria’s dedicated police officers and PSOs deal with volatile situations and dangerous individuals. It’s critical they have the appropriate resources to keep the community – and themselves – safe,” the Minister said.

“The statewide rollout of conducted energy devices means we are delivering on our commitment to ensure police and PSOs have more options at their disposal to continue their vital work in keeping all Victorians safe.”

The Taser 7 model from Axon.

The new Axon taser model offers improved technology, accuracy and safety.

The rollout is expected to begin in November with the Special Operations Group, Critical Incident Response Team and police at 36 regional stations to be the first to receive the new CEDs – replacing existing units issued up to five years ago.

The new tasers will be provided to all frontline police and protective services officers over the next three years. The rollout to remaining police and all PSOs will begin in April next year and run through until September 2026.

To ensure appropriate accountability measures are in place, an officer’s bodyworn camera will automatically activate to record what has happened when a CED is used.

Specialist training will be provided to all police officers and PSOs on how to use the CEDs, and police stations will also be fitted out so the equipment can be stored safely and securely.

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