Wednesday, July 24, 2024

New SA Police campaign tackles drug driving

A new South Australia Police campaign is being filmed today in an effort to dissuade drug users from driving by confronting them with the serious consequences of driving after consuming cannabis or amphetamine.

The campaign is driven by research commissioned by SA Police into the attitudes that lead to drug driving offences on South Australian roads. The advert challenges the misguided perceptions of drug-affected drivers that they are in any way fit to drive or share the road with others.

Traffic Services Branch Officer in Charge, Superintendent Darren Fielke said the research indicated some concerning attitudes behind what leads some people to drug drive.

“It is unbelievable that drug drivers think they’re not a risk to themselves and other road users,” Superintendent Fielke said.

“In 2023, drug driving was a factor in 95 serious injuries and 22 lives lost. In 2023, 5361 drivers were detected drug driving. This is proof that drivers who choose to use drugs and drive will be caught and removed from the road before they harm themselves or other road users.

“This is why are investing in making sure these drivers are educated about the risks they pose to both themselves and others and warned about what can happen to them when they choose to drug drive.

“This production features a South Australian Police Officer trained to conduct roadside drug tests and issue sanctions to drivers returning positive drug tests. It also features a crash scene to show that, contrary to what a drug drivers may think, driving is dangerously impaired with drugs in their system and they are more likely to cause a crash.”

The new campaign is part of the State Government’s $11 million annual commitment to road safety education. Filmed across two days in metropolitan Adelaide, the campaign has been 12 months in the making to ensure presentation and messaging connects with and encourages better choices from drivers.

The drug driving campaign will be launched mid-2024.

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