Monday, June 24, 2024

New Queensland firefighting graduates to bolster service

Newly graduated firefighters are set to be deployed to regions across Queensland to take up their role as frontline responders to emergency and disaster events.

In completing the course, firefighters were presented with a Certificate II in Public Safety (Firefighting and Emergency Operations) at the Queensland Combined Emergency Services Academy (QCESA) in Lytton on Friday.

“It’s great to see another 16 firefighters joining FRS’ ranks ready to make a difference to Queensland communities,” said Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, Mark Ryan.

“All recruits have undertaken an intense 80-day training program where they completed specialised training units for live fire behaviour, bushfire training, road crash rescue, technical rescue, and hazardous materials management.

“When they take up their positions in communities around Queensland, they will be relied upon to act when disasters and emergencies strike.”

QFES Commissioner Greg Leach said the firefighter training course prepares graduates to lead their communities when disasters and emergencies occur.

“They will now embark on their new career, supporting their local communities with fire and emergency responses and educating them in prevention and preparedness activities, which helps to build a more resilient Queensland,” Commissioner Leach said.

“The dedication and hard work shown by these recruits through this first phase of their training reflects our values of respect, integrity, courage, loyalty and trust.

“Responding to incidents, confronting disasters and working to protect people, businesses and the environment will become part of their daily working life.”

The 16 recruits will be posted to the following regions:

Brisbane: 1

Central: 3

Northern: 6

South Eastern: 2

South Western: 4.

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