Wednesday, July 24, 2024

New flood guides for Tasmania

The Tasmanian Government has today launched new flood guides to help protect Tasmanian communities.

The five new SES Community Protection Flood Guides will help flood-prone communities around Tasmania prepare for and be safer during a flood event, said Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management, Felix Ellis.

“Floods can happen extremely quickly and it is important that all Tasmanians are aware of the flood risk where they live and work,” he said.

“Today we are launching a series of Community Protection Flood Guides for Geeveston, Orford, Railton, St Marys, and South Hobart funded through the Tasmanian budget.

“The plans help inform communities of their flood risks, how they can prepare their homes and properties, what they should do if there is a flood, safe escape routes, triggers for action, and where to go for more information.”

The Minister said the five plans were “just the start”, with Tasmania SES now working with other communities exposed to flood risks across Tasmania.

Plans for these additional areas will be finalised in the months to come, he said.

“Since forming Government, the Tasmanian Government has invested over $17 million into flood and storm preparedness and response initiatives to ensure our communities are safe from these natural disasters.”

“This includes establishing a Flood Policy Unit, a Flood Taskforce, a Flood Mapping Project, SES Community Protection Planning for Flood and Storm Hazard initiatives, and investments in flood resistance infrastructure such as levees.”

Minister Ellis thanked all SES members for their ongoing dedication and service to protecting and serving the Tasmanian community.

Information about how communities can prepare for flood events can be found on the Tasmania SES website to learn about the new flood guides.

To keep up-to-date with emergencies, is the Tasmanian Government’s official emergency warning and information website where flood warnings are published.

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