Wednesday, July 24, 2024

New chair for Landgate Board


WA Lands Minister, John Carey today announced Kylee Schoonens as Chair of the Landgate Board.

The Minister also welcomed Danielle Davison, Rebecca Strom and Simon te Brinke as new Board members.

Ms Schoonens has been re-appointed to the Board and will commence as Chair. Minister Carey said she brings a wealth of private and public sector experience and has held positions on several Boards and Committees including the Property Council Residential Committee, DevelopmentWA and the Bethanie Group.

“Ms Schoonens’ previous experience on the Landgate Board combined with her extensive industry knowledge means she is well-placed to take on the position of Landgate Board Chair and take a leading role in the organisation’s future success,” Mr Carey said.

New members, Ms Davison, Ms Strom and Mr te Brinke join the Board with an extensive understanding of property, strategy, finance and technology.

“Ms Davison, Ms Strom and Mr te Brinke each bring unique perspectives, adding to the diversity of skills represented on the Board,” said the Minister.

Leaving the Board are former members Robert Cole (Chair) and Pia Turcinov as well as outgoing Deputy Chair Monish Paul. Mr Paul has been on the Board since 2017, while Mr Cole and Ms Turcinov served on Landgate’s Board since 2020.

Current Board members Melissa Perry and Ian Callahan have been reappointed, with Mr Callahan taking on the role of Deputy Chair. 

“I’d like to thank former Board Chair Robert Cole for his valuable contribution over the past three years, in particular leading the Board through the COVID-19 pandemic. I wish him all the best in his new role as Perth Airport Board Chair, which will play a crucial role in the State’s economic recovery from COVID-19.”

“I also commend the valuable input of former Board member Ms Turcinov, who was influential in supporting the SPUR Location Grants Program and Innovation at Landgate, and outgoing Deputy Chair Mr Paul, who has played an important part in supporting the agency’s work in digital infrastructure,” said Minister Carey.

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