Saturday, July 13, 2024

Minister announces icare board shakeup

The NSW Minister for Industrial Relations and Work Health and Safety has today announced the Government will introduce new laws to improve workers compensation governance by appointing an employer and employee nominee to the icare Board.

Minister Sophie Cotsis said it was critical that injured workers and premium-paying businesses were given a seat at the board table to support ongoing reform.

“Return-to-work rates and the dissatisfaction felt by many injured workers highlight the need for a diversity of views and more robust decision-making on the icare Board,” said Ms Cotsis.

“It will take years to fix a decade of neglect of the workers compensation system, but this bill marks the beginning of our wider reform plans in this space.

“Appointing employer and employee nominees to the icare Board will ensure these important perspectives are heard in the icare boardroom.”

She said two suitably qualified employer and employee directors will be nominated by employer and employee bodies and will also replace two non-executive directors, leaving the size and cost of the icare Board unchanged with nine directors.

Employers and Unions NSW will have a formal say in the process, with both groups nominating a non-executive director.

Legislation to amend the State Insurance and Care Governance Act 2015 for the board changes will be introduced to NSW Parliament today.

“I made it clear that the new government had different expectations and the board plays a critical role in working together to ensure fiscally sustainable schemes, better claims management, timely medical diagnosis and treatment to support recovery and improved return to work outcomes,” the Minister said.

“icare knows that this improvement and reform journey is ongoing. There will be more steps to come.”

icare provides workers compensation for about 330,000 business and 3.4 million workers in NSW, managing about 60,000 new claims each year.

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