Thursday, April 18, 2024

Canberra joins Advanced Welcoming City global ranks

Canberra has become the second Australian city, and one of only 38 locations globally, to be accredited as an Advanced Welcoming City.

The Welcoming Cities Network is a national network of cities, shires, towns, and municipalities which are committed to an Australia where everyone can belong and participate. The Network currently has 76 members, representative of more than 40% of the Australian population.

Canberra’s application for Advanced accreditation was assessed by the independent national organisation, Welcoming Australia, against the Welcoming Cities Standard.

ACT Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Tara Cheyne said the Government has had a longstanding commitment to ensuring everyone in Canberra carries “a deep sense of belonging and feels welcome regardless of where they come from”.

“We provided extensive evidence against each of the indicators under the leadership, social and cultural inclusion, and economic development categories of the Welcoming Cities Standard. We are pleased to have been advised that Canberra meets the criteria to be accredited as an Advanced Welcoming City,” the Minister said.

“The accreditation is a testament to the strength of our partnerships with the community and our joint and collaborative hard work to make Canberra an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone.”

The ACT Government joined the Welcoming Cities Network in 2019. Since 2021, Canberra has held an ‘Established’ level of accreditation.

“Congratulations to the Australian Capital Territory for becoming the second jurisdiction in Australia to be accredited at the Advanced level,” said Welcoming Australia CEO, Aleem Ali.

“This accreditation celebrates the Canberra’s success in fostering economic, social and cultural inclusion. An Advanced Welcoming City is a national leader and vital member of the Welcoming Cities network.

“We are excited to announce that Canberra has been accredited as an Advanced Welcoming City.

“The assessors were impressed by the depth of the application and the diverse examples of welcoming efforts in the ACT.

“Welcoming Cities recognises and commends the ongoing work of the ACT Government and the genuine efforts undertaken to build an inclusive community where all residents can have a sense of value and belonging.”

Achieving the Advanced level of accreditation was a commitment under the 10th Parliamentary and Governing Agreement. The ACT Government’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is also reflected in the implementation of the new Multiculturalism Act 2023.

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