Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Camera trailer trial to target Queensland hoons


Anti-hooning camera trailers will be rolled out as part of a trial Queensland Police Service program targeting dangerous hooning behaviour. 

Police Minister, Mark Ryan said the $6 million anti-hooning project includes the trial of dedicated anti-hooning camera trailers in Logan, Moreton and Townsville Police Districts.

“Dangerous driving and hooning-related behaviour not only endangers the lives of those behind the wheel, but they also put innocent members of the public at risk,” said Mr Ryan.

“Our message to anyone taking part in high-risk activities on our roads is that police will continue to target you, investigate your dangerous antics and take action against you.

“The majority of Queenslanders understand the importance of road safety, they observe the rules and are sick and tired of this kind of behaviour on our roads.”

The camera trailers will be equipped with high quality camera technology to record and capture hooning behaviour in real time.

They will also be fitted with automatic numberplate recognition technology to detect stolen vehicles.

Queensland Police Service  Acting Assistant Commissioner, Chris Stream said the three trailers will initially be rolled out, with more to be built, pending the outcome of a trial evaluation.

“The anti-hoon trailers are one of several overt and covert strategies police across the state are employing to target hooning and in particular large-scale hooning events,” he said.

“Police will continue to conduct a variety of intelligence-driven enforcement patrols while also undertaking operations using the high-definition camera trailers.

“We encourage members of the community to continue working with police and report hooning activating either on our website or by calling 13 HOON.” 

Queensland now has a comprehensive suite of laws targeting hoon drivers, including impoundment or forfeiture of motor vehicles and deeming legislation, which puts the onus on the owner of a vehicle caught hooning to prove they weren’t the driver.

“Every single person taking part in dangerous and damaging hooning events must be held accountable,” said Treasurer and Member for Woodridge, Cameron Dick.  

“The community will never accept our local streets being turned into racetracks and people’s lives being put at risk.

“That is why our government has introduced the strongest hooning laws in the country.

“We are supporting our police with the resources they need to continue cracking down on hoons,” he said.

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