Monday, June 24, 2024

Big Mob Day out for NSW students

Students from 15 public schools in Sydney’s north-west have come together for the first Big Mob Day today.

Students from the Carlingford network of schools enjoyed a unique On Country experience at Muogamarra Nature Reserve north of Sydney.

The first Big Mob Day brought 51 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students together to build connections and create a sense of belonging.

Students participated in age-appropriate activities to learn more about Aboriginal culture, and respect and management of Country.

Carlingford West Public Assistant Principal, Serena Wright said activities included a short bush walk to explore some of the engravings and culturally significant sites at Muogamarra.

Students participated in stone axe making and weaving workshops among other activities.

Students also participated in stone axe making and weaving workshops.

“It’s been really important to prioritise First Nations histories and cultures and embed that into our teaching and what we do every day at school,” Ms Wright said.

“Not only for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, but for all students to have knowledge and understanding.

“Big Mob Day enables our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to feel valued and know their practices, way of living and connection to culture is something to be celebrated.”

Ms Wright said she hoped Big Mob Day would also help build a sense of community among the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in the Carlingford network of schools.

“We’re in an exceptionally large school of more than1800 children,” Ms Wright said.

“Our First Nations kids here in years 4, 5 and 6 now have that connection and when they see each other in the playground, they get excited.

“Through Big Mob Day, these students can get to know other students in our area, and when they transition to high school, they’re going to feel that they belong.”

Recent research from the NSW Department of Education’s Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation supports the Carlingford network of schools’ approach.

The 2022 Strong Strides Together report shows a culturally safe school is one of four key themes contributing to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student success.

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