Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Amalgamated cemeteries boss appointed

The NSW Government has announced former Property Council of Australia CEO, Ken Morrison, as the new administrator for the State’s amalgamated entity, Metropolitan Cemeteries and Crematoria Land Manager (MCC).

In the role of administrator, Mr Morrison will oversee the amalgamation of the three crown operators – Rookwood General, Northern Metropolitan and Southern Metropolitan Crown cemetery land managers – into MCC and the delivery of services until a skills-based board can be recruited.

Mr Morrison was deemed the successful candidate for the role through a merit-based, open selection process supported by executive recruitment firm Meritos.

NSW Minister for Lands and Property, Steve Kamper said Mr Morrison had a proven record of positive organisational change and stakeholder engagement, and also a deep proficiency in business strategy, including financial management.

Serving the Property Council of Australia for more than 10 years, he has a wealth of knowledge in the complex policy areas associated with land, such as planning, urban renewal and asset management, said Mr Kamper.

“I would first like to thank Lee Shearer for her work, she has had led OneCrown through tough times of indecision and has been a fierce advocate for action and a champion for OneCrown’s frontline staff who do an incredible job,” he said.

“We said we would undertake a transparent process to appoint an administrator once the current term finished. Today we have delivered.”

“We have committed to the model. We have committed to our team. We now look forward to getting on with the job and working collaboratively to fix the mess that the former government left behind.”

The NSW Government is working to address the critical shortage of burial space in Sydney.

Last week the NSW Government released an audit, which highlighted the dire situation the sector is facing, and announced its decision to amalgamate the Rookwood General, Northern Metropolitan and Southern Metropolitan Crown cemetery land managers.

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