Monday, May 20, 2024

Alice Springs youth curfew extended

The Northern Territory Government has today announced the Alice Springs Youth Curfew will be extended by six days.

The Youth Curfew, which was due to end tomorrow, will now be operational for the entire school holiday period and remain in place to cover the High Risk Area, with the Emergency Situation Declaration to end at 6am next Tuesday 16 April.

Territory Chief Minister, Eva Lawler said the Government had seen encouraging results with the introduction of the Youth Curfew.

“The curfew is proving to work as a circuit breaker measure. It is important that we don’t lose the momentum that we have established,” the Chief Minister said.

“We’re taking a common sense approach to improving community safety in Alice Springs.

“Work is being done right now to ensure that the community is prepared for when the curfew ends and we continue to have a strong presence from police, Territory Families and the Department of Education.

“I’d also like to personally thank every police officer who has been part of the Youth Curfew – your efforts have made a significant difference.”

During the curfew, if someone under 18 years old is located in the CBD past 6pm and before 6am without a valid reason they will be taken home or to a safe place.

“Our police have done an incredible job over the past fortnight in Alice Springs and we know they will continue to work hard to enforce this curfew over the coming days,” said Minister for Police, Brent Potter.

“Police have worked very closely with Territory Families and other agencies and that will continue well after the curfew is lifted.”

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