Saturday, July 13, 2024

Alcohol reduction trial extended for Gove Peninsula

The Northern Territory Government has announced an alcohol reduction trial managed by the Gove Peninsula community is being extended for 12 months, following six months of initial success.

The trial was introduced in October 2023 in an effort to reduce secondary supply and rising rates of alcohol-related crime and domestic and family violence across the Gove Peninsula.

The trial sets daily limits on the amount of takeaway alcohol able to be purchased by permit holders, varying by tier and location within the Gove Peninsula and was set to cease at the end of March 2024.

The Government said preliminary data indicates the trial is having a positive impact, with the sale of spirits dropping, a decrease in alcohol related assaults across the Peninsula and reduction in alcohol related Emergency Department presentations at Gove District Hospital.

The extension not only allows harm reduction strategies to stay in place, but will also enable further data to be collected to determine the effectiveness of this trial and if it can be broadened to other communities, said Minister for Alcohol Policy, Brent Potter (pictured).

“Curbing Alcohol related harm is essential to building a better future for communities,” the Minister said.

“The Territory Labor Government is optimistic with the results recorded over the first six months of this trial and we hope the next 12 months continue on an upwards trajectory.

“Well done to the Gove Peninsula Harmony Group who have been leading this trial, this is the exact partnership required with communities to make real long term change.”

All Nhulunbuy-based take away liquor outlets operating under the previous scheme have been automatically extended under the trial system.

“Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation supports extending the trial for a further 12 months and setting a maximum take-away limit to reduce secondary supply of alcohol,” said Rirratjingu leader, Mandaka Marika.

All residents of the Gove Peninsula are being encouraged to Have Your Say here during the trial.

“We are supportive of extending the permit system trail for better local alcohol management as we have seen the damages alcohol causes too often,” said Gumatj leader, Djawa Yunupingu.

“We are taking actions to build a better future for this region and we hope all community members understand the role they have to play in this challenging enterprise”

Chair of the Gove Peninsula Harmony Group, Shane Whitten thanked residents and businesses for their continued support of the Trial, “as we collectively work to support strong safe and healthy communities across the Peninsula.”

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