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ACT releases third act in gender equality plan

The ACT Government has released the Third Action Plan under the ACT Women’s Plan 2016-2026 as part of its efforts to achieve gender equality for women and girls in the Territory.

ACT Minister for Women, Yvette Berry (pictured), says the first two action plans paved the way for a number of important gender equality initiatives.

These successes include:

  • Creation of the Female Friendly Facility guidelines for sportsgrounds;;
  • Establishment of a new screening tool for women’s safety and intimate partner violence by peri-natal screening units;
  • A pilot of the ‘Understanding the Building and Construction Industry’ program for girls across four schools;
  • Establishment of the Gender Equity in Schools team;
  • Development of Gender Sensitive Urban Design Guidelines;
  • Improved housing options for women with the construction of Common Ground in Dickson.

“There has been significant progress since the roll out of the previous action plans and momentum is continuing. There is more work to be done,” said Minister Berry.

“Women and girls continue to face barriers in modern society. By working together and taking meaningful action, we can ensure better outcomes for everyone.”

She said the Third Action Plan acknowledges the complexity of gender-based discrimination and the need for society-wide change.

Initiatives cover five key areas including health and wellbeing, safety and inclusion, leadership and workforce participation, housing and homelessness, and appropriate and accessible services.

The Third Action Plan was developed following extensive government and community consultation.

Initiatives in the Third Action Plan include:

  • Progressing a health and wellbeing guide for women and girls, informed by the Ministerial Advisory Council on Women and in collaboration with non-government partners.
  • Supporting whole-of-school approaches to respectful relationships education through the Gender Equity in Schools Initiative in ACT public schools.
  • Developing an industry partnership model to run Understanding Building and Construction as a sustainable program in schools.
  • Developing and implementing an ACT Government approach to encourage women and girls to consider careers in space.
  • Supporting affordable pathways to home ownership for at-risk women by providing seed funding for the Ginninderry Women’s Build-to-Rent-to-Buy housing initiative.

“Women’s health and wellbeing depends on our ability to participate freely in public life, to move safely in community and family spaces, and to access services without discrimination, stigma, or barriers, said Women’s Health Matters ACT CEO, Lauren Anthes.

“As our recent survey of Women’s Health in the ACT shows, this is far from the case for all or even most women, but we can make improvements in each of these areas, which is why we welcome the launch of this action plan.”

More information about the Third Action Plan can be found at

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