Saturday, July 13, 2024

$6.2m secured for Police armoured fleet

Queensland Treasurer, Cameron Dick, has pledged $6.2 million for new and upgraded armoured vehicles for the Queensland Police Service from the State Budget.

The Treasurer said the upcoming Budget will deliver a greatly enhanced capacity for police to respond to high risk scenarios.

“The safety of our brave police officers and the Queenslanders they protect, are a top priority for this Government,” said Mr Dick.

“These armoured vehicles are a priceless and life-saving asset for our Specialist Police, who are on the frontline of dangerous and high-risk situations.

“Funding will ensure police right across Queensland, including specialist units, have the armoured vehicles and resources they need to help keep their colleagues and Queenslanders safe.”

Queensland Treasurer, Cameron Dick.

The Government has committed to adding another heavy armoured vehicle to the Police Service’s emergency response capability.

In addition, its fleet of Light Armoured Vehicles will be expanded by three, the Treasurer confirmed. Four vehicles from the existing fleet of Light Armoured Vehicles will also be renewed.

“The Queensland community is incredibly fortunate to have a police service that possesses the elite level emergency response capability that the Queensland Police Service provides,” said Police Minister, Mark Ryan.

“Our emergency response teams regularly operate in extreme high-risk environments and they deserve every support, including the best hardware and resources that we can provide.

“I am very pleased that the government is making this very significant investment in police capability.

“It will mean an enhanced capability to respond to emergencies, which in turn delivers enhanced community safety outcomes.

“Especially when operating in highly dangerous environments, police deserve to have the best and safest equipment, resources and vehicles to support their selfless work for and on behalf of the broader community.”

Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner, Brian Codd said the new vehicles would enhance the safety of not only frontline police officers, but also other emergency services personnel and members of the public who may be involved in a dangerous situation.

“They will help to keep not only Queensland communities safe, but also enhance the safety of our frontline staff,” said Asst Commissioner Codd.

“The armoured vehicles, in particular the heavy armoured vehicle, provide us with a host of deployment options including enabling the recovery of injured people, supporting a safe negotiation platform, providing a delivery platform for the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) during high-risk operations and moving resources in and out of potentially dangerous situations.

“The vehicles support SERT operational requirements but will also be positioned around the state and available to support other first response officers attending other high-risk operations prior to SERT arriving.

“The heavy armoured vehicle possesses a range of specialised capabilities in addition to high levels of ballistic protection and off road capability,” he said.

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