Saturday, April 20, 2024

Training partnership to build Victoria’s construction expertise

The Victorian Government has appointed partners to help the state’s major project leaders develop their skills and expertise as it looks to deliver a record $144 billion infrastructure program.

McKinsey & Company and the Stanford Centre for Professional Development will deliver the Office of Projects Victoria’s (OPV) pre-eminent Australian Major Projects Leadership Academy (AMPLA) program, the Government announced today.

Treasurer, Tim Pallas said the 12-month program will enhance the capability of public sector leaders to guide Victoria’s 160-plus major road and rail projects including Metro Tunnel, level crossing removals, the West Gate Tunnel, North East Link, Suburban Rail Loop, Melbourne Airport Rail and major road upgrades around the state.

“Victoria leads the way in delivering major projects that provide better health, education and transport options for the community, and one of the reasons is the excellence of our project management ranks and workforce,” said Mr Pallas.

“This program builds the state’s project management and delivery skills and ensures Victorians get great value from every initiative on the go.”

He said housing projects were being led by the $5.3 billion Big Housing Build, which is aiming to deliver 12,000 new housing units and increasing the stock of social and affordable housing in the state by 10% in four years.

Health projects include construction of the new Footscray Hospital, expansion of the emergency departments at the Casey Hospital Berwick and Werribee Mercy Hospital, and redevelopment of the Ballarat Base Hospital.

Fine-tuning construction management and leadership skills, the training will focus on on-site learning tailored to participants’ needs, with their areas of professional growth identified using capability development plans, he said.

“This world-class upskilling initiative will ensure that our key decision makers are on top of their game with enhanced skillsets that are critical when delivering a multi-billion dollar infrastructure pipeline of projects,” said Office of Projects Victoria CEO, Cressida Wall. 

Participants will be provided specific work-related tools and undertake real-time learning by identifying and completing a workplace project over the course of the program. 

The appointed consultants, in conjunction with OPV, will ensure AMPLA builds on its national and international reputation for project management training, the Government said.

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