Monday, June 24, 2024

Tasmania releases gas strategy

The Tasmanian Government has released its gas plan for the next 20 to 30 years.

Minister for Energy and Renewables, Nick Duigan said that as the world transitioned to cleaner, renewable forms of energy to meet ambitious climate targets there was potential for some energy users to be left behind.

“The Future Gas Strategy provides much needed direction to Tasmanian gas users,” Minister Duigan said.

“We recognise that Tasmania’s gas network will decarbonise and we are committed to ensuring the supply of secure and affordable energy throughout this transition.

“By making the Government’s vision clear, households, businesses and industry are better placed to make sensible decisions about their future energy use at a time when the industry is facing a period of uncertainty.”

The Minister said natural gas must remain available to Tasmanian users while renewable alternatives mature, and a “premature departure from natural gas could undermine economic growth and force users back to dirtier fuels”.

“Our plan is based on an industry-led transition away from fossil gas and towards renewable alternatives such as green hydrogen, bioenergy gases such as methane and synthetic renewable gases.

“Under this strategy we will support future industries like hydrogen and bioenergy that capitalise on Tasmania’s unparalleled wind, water and biomass resources, building on our existing $50 million investment to activate Tasmania’s green hydrogen industry.

“Adding to the overall benefit to our state, locally-made renewables gases will support local jobs, increase energy security and drive down emissions.

A copy of the strategy is available at:

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