Saturday, April 20, 2024

SafeWork SA inspectors to wear cameras

Cameras that record audio and video footage are now being worn by SafeWork SA inspectors to help improve workplace safety and the collection of evidence in investigations.

The body worn cameras will form part of an inspector’s operational equipment during worksite visits or while undertaking compliance and investigation activities.

The South Australian Government says the use of the cameras brings SafeWork SA in line with similar agencies and will:

  • support the safety of inspectors by encouraging safe and mutually respectful interactions;
  • reduce disputes and enable complaints to be easily investigated and resolved by reviewing relevant footage and;
  • support transparency and accountability for Inspectors while administering their duties and exercising their powers.

“SafeWork SA’s use of body worn cameras will bring them into line with other investigative agencies and will improve the availability of evidence collected by inspectors,” said Minister for Industrial Relations, Kyam Maher.

“Body worn cameras are another tool to help keep South Australian workers, as well as SafeWork SA inspectors, safe at work.”

The body worn cameras will be fitted to the front of inspectors’ uniforms and will be clearly visible during an interaction, said SafeWork SA Executive Director, Glenn Farrell.

“The use of body worn cameras is an extension to our inspector’s function of monitoring and securing compliance as well as increasing their personal safety by encouraging civil interactions,” said Mr Farrell.

“The vision and audio recorded by the cameras will also help strengthen our investigation capabilities.”

He said the footage captured by the camera will assist inspectors with their enquiries and investigations involving workplace incidents.

Inspectors have been trained in the use of the cameras and they will clearly advise the person(s) of the presence of the camera and the intention to record video and audio of their actions and conversations, said Mr Farrell.

The recordings will be stored in a secure evidence management system with controlled access.

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