Wednesday, April 24, 2024

SA pledges $28m for dedicated female sports facilities

The South Australian Government has pledged $28 million towards the construction of dedicated female sporting facilities.

The Government will deliver an $18 million grant program over the next three years for dedicated female sporting facilities and improvements that grow female participation.

Premier, Peter Malinauskas said $10 million will be quarantined for soccer, with Football South Australia agreeing to match the grants dollar for dollar through a range of funding sources including clubs, Football Australia, Local and Federal Government.

“The Matildas’ efforts to date have been inspirational, and we know it is going to drive participation for more girls to take up football,” said Mr Malinauskas.

“Without adequate investment there will be a gap between the desire to play and the resources to facilitate that will.

“I understand the desire for some to celebrate a potential Matildas World Cup victory with a public holiday, but the truth is that would take time to organise and would come at an economic cost.

“We’d rather make a lasting investment in the growth of women’s sport, so this World Cup can leave a strong legacy for our state.”

The funding will be allocated through an independently assessed grants program managed by the Office of Recreation and Sport, with further details to be announced later this year.

Meanwhile, the SA Government has opted not to proceed with a public holiday in the event of the Matildas winning the World Cup, citing “complexities and economic cost”.

Treasury advice indicated an additional weekday public holiday would cost the State Government around $18 million.


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