Friday, June 21, 2024

SA plastics ban kicks in

From today, plastic-stemmed cotton buds, plastic pizza savers and single-use plastic plates and bowls are banned from use in South Australia.

The new regulations are the next phase in the State’s push to eliminate the use of environmentally harmful single-use plastics.

Minister for Climate, Environment and Water, Susan Close said the bans encourage reusable, recyclable or compostable alternatives.

“South Australians are increasingly looking at ways to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics which devastate our environment,” the Minister said.

“The State Government will continue to assist South Australian businesses via various programs to assist them transition.

“Many South Australian businesses have already moved away from single-use items and are embracing reusable and compostable items,” she said.

Exemptions are in place where plastic-stemmed cotton buds and single-use plastic bowls are required for medical, scientific, forensic or law enforcement purposes only.

The regulations and exemptions were developed after examining those already in place internationally, and those coming into effect in Australia and New Zealand, the South Australian Government said in a statement today.

It said Green Industries SA would continue to provide free advice for South Australian businesses on the best alternatives for their products and services.

“Through our partnership with the State Government, we’ve helped 51 businesses to go ‘plastic free’ and more than 174 others are on the journey to replace the waste and choose better alternatives,” said Plastic Free SA Program Coordinator, Melissa Rayner.

“Our business partners love the fact we can help them choose appropriate alternatives for their business, and getting advice that helps cut through greenwashing claims while getting the most cost effective and environmentally sound alternatives.

“Direct assistance for cafés, restaurants and takeaway businesses is also available for free through the government funded ‘Plastic Free SA’ program,” Ms Rayner said.

Since commencing in 2021, Plastic Free SA has helped 174 South Australian business remove more than eight million single-use plastic items and move to smarter more sustainable alternatives.

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