Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Queensland firies honoured for acts of bravery

High achieving QFES personnel have been presented with commendations, awards and clasps for their exceptional contributions to emergency services both in Queensland and interstate.

Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Fire and Emergency Services, Mark Ryan said the awards are an opportunity to recognise and thank those who acted with bravery, courage and integrity in the face of emergencies.

Among those recognised were several Brisbane Region swiftwater firefighters, who received awards for their bravery while responding to particularly dangerous rescues during last year’s flood event.

Across the state, our emergency services personnel demonstrate courage and compassion, skill and professionalism in protecting Queenslanders,” Minister Ryan said.

“Many of the people recognised today have risked their lives to save others – some as recently as last year, when responding to major flooding in Brisbane. In fact this year we gave more bravery awards than any other year.

“On behalf of the community, today we recognise all award recipients and these exceptional high achievers for the significant contributions they make to keep the community safe.”

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Greg Leach said the awards ceremony was a chance to celebrate the people of QFES who are passionate about providing high quality emergency services.

I am incredibly proud of all the QFES members that received awards today and who continue to uphold the high standards of QFES,” Commissioner Leach said.

It’s a privilege to lead an organisation made up of individuals of the highest character.”

The event included the presentation of the following medals and awards:

  • 3 National Emergency Medals (NEM) and Clasps
  • 16 Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Emergency Medals
  • 18 National Medals and Clasps
  • 12 Commissioner’s Commendations for Bravery
  • 11 Commissioner’s Commendation of Notable Action
  • 6 Diligent and Ethical Standards (DESM) Clasps
  • 7 QFES Medals and Clasps
  • 5 State Emergency Service (SES) Meritorious Service Awards
  • 31 Assistant Commissioner’s Commendations

The National Medal and clasps recognise long and diligent service by personnel who risk their lives or safety to protect or assist the community in times of emergency or natural disaster.

The QFES Medal and clasps recognise demonstrated commitment to ethical standards, personal integrity, and diligent service over a prolonged period. The medal is awarded for 10 years of demonstrated service with clasps awarded for each additional 10 years

The Diligent and Ethical Service Medal Clasps recognise demonstrated commitment to ethics and integrity ongoing for more than 10 years. 

The ACT Emergency Medals are presented for direct response and assistance with the protection of lives and property during the 2003 or 2020 ACT bushfires.

The National Emergency Medal and Clasp is awarded for significant or sustained service to others in specified nationally significant emergencies.

The SES Meritorious Service Award recognises dedicated service by volunteer members of the SES in Queensland. Medals are awarded for ten years of service with clasps awarded for each additional 5 years’ service.

The Commissioner’s Commendation for Bravery Award acknowledges members who perform acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances.

The Commissioner’s Commendation of Notable Action is awarded to members who perform a significant act as a result of being placed in a potentially hazardous situation beyond that of normal requirement.

The Assistant Commissioner’s Commendation is awarded to members who perform specific or outstanding actions in relation to exemplary service or performance in a specific difficult or long-term project or task.

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