Friday, June 21, 2024

NSW expands health Single Employer Model

NSW Minister for Regional Health, Ryan Park says access to healthcare in regional communities will be boosted, following the Federal Government’s approval of the State Government’s proposal to expand the Single Employer Model.

He said the Single Employer Model provides a coordinated pathway for doctors wanting to become rural generalists during their training in public health facilities and private GP practices.

In turn, it will give more people across rural, regional and remote NSW greater access to locally available healthcare services, the Minister said.

“Recruitment and retention of a primary health workforce is a major challenge for regional, rural, and remote NSW communities and addressing this is a priority for our government.”

“This partnership with the Commonwealth Government means more of our regional and rural communities are set to benefit.

“We welcome this opportunity to improve access to primary care and essential medical services.

“This announcement by Minister Butler will ensure the creation of attractive and secure training opportunities to foster the next generation of rural generalist doctors in NSW,” said Mr Park.

Rural generalists are GPs who provide primary care services, emergency medicine and have training in additional skills like obstetrics, anaesthetics or mental health services.

The model is based on an innovative program trialled in the Murrumbidgee region.

“We look forward to working collaboratively with the Minns government on the expansion of this innovative model, including the additional trials we announced in the May 2023 budget,” said Federal Minister for Health, Mark Butler.

“We’ve seen the positive impact the Single Employer Model has made to the availability of healthcare services in the Murrumbidgee Local Health District.

“This innovative program will make training and working in rural general practice a more attractive option for young doctors and importantly it will make it easier for people in regional NSW to see a doctor close to home.”

The NSW Government will be able to access exemptions under Section 19(2) of the Health Insurance Act 1974 for up to 80 rural generalist trainees per year, as part of a 2022/23 federal budget commitment.

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