Wednesday, April 24, 2024

New water strategy flows for Queensland

The Queensland Government has launched a new water strategy for the state as Australia marks National Water Water.

The strategy was announced by Water Minister, Glenn Butcher (pictured), at the Local Government Association of Queensland’s annual conference, held in Gladstone.

Developed in consultation with the water industry, stakeholders and the community, Minister Butcher says the strategy harnesses the strong partnerships and collaborative approach the Queensland Government has with communities across Queensland, to meet challenges and create future opportunities when it comes to water security.

“We are in lock-step with our Councils when it comes to delivering infrastructure that Queensland communities need,” he said.

“The Queensland Water Strategy enables us to come together to look at the longer-term issues that we need to prepare for.  The strategy is our blueprint for future water planning and builds on our track record of water infrastructure delivery.

“Whether it’s the $5.2 billion invested in water infrastructure since 2015 which has created 3,400 jobs, or the important planning work underway, Queensland communities can be confident the Palaszczuk Government will continue to deliver water security and economic growth throughout the state and sustainably manage our precious water resources well into the future.”

The strategy identifies four key delivery focus areas:

  • Healthy waterways
  • First Nations partnerships
  • Water for regional economic prosperity
  • Safe and secure water supply

Also in the spotlight at the conference, was the $2.6 million Urban Water Risk Assessment – a program of work being undertaken by the Queensland Government to help remote and regional communities identify and address water and sewerage service needs.

“You can always count on the Palaszczuk Government to ensure every Queensland community has access to safe drinking water – and you can always count on the Palaszczuk Government to do the planning necessary to meet future water security needs,” said Minister Butcher.

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