Monday, May 20, 2024

First Nations names for new Victorian schools

The Victorian Government has announced Aboriginal language names for all 14 new government schools set to open their doors next year.

State Minister for Education, Natalie Hutchins, today visited Yarrabing Secondary College in Aintree (pictured) to announce the names of the new schools, as well as the names of four new kindergartens on school sites.

“These 14 new schools will ensure growing communities have a great local education for their kids and a unique connection to the land through their Indigenous names,” said Minister Hutchins.

For the first time, the 2024 new school naming process consulted on a short-list of Aboriginal language names, receiving more than 7,000 submissions.

The names of the new schools (and their interim names) are:

  • Yarrabing Secondary College (Aintree Secondary School)
  • Dharra School (Aintree Specialist School)
  • Topirum Primary School (Alexander Boulevard Primary School)
  • Laa Yulta Primary School (Black Forest East Primary School)
  • Binap Primary School (Brookfield Primary School)
  • Banum Warrik Primary School (Lockerbie Central Primary School)
  • Walcom Ngarrwa Secondary College (Lollypop Creek Secondary College)
  • Nganboo Borron School (Lollypop Creek Specialist School)
  • Yubup Primary School (Merrifield South Primary School)
  • Kurmile Primary School (Officer Brunt Road Primary School)
  • Brinbeal Secondary College (Riverdale Secondary School)
  • Wimba Primary School (Tarneit North Primary School)
  • Warreen Primary School (Truganina North Primary School)
  • Bemin Secondary College (Truganina North Secondary School).

The names of the four new Kindergartens on School Sites will be Laa Yulta Primary School Kindergarten, Wimba Primary School Kindergarten, Warreen Primary School Kindergarten and Murnong Kindergarten.

“We are so proud that our new kinder names reflect the land that they are on – and help our littlest learners understand the role First Nations’ Victorians play in our heritage and history,” said Minister for Early Childhood and Pre-prep, Ingrid Stitt.

A full list of the translation of the Indigenous school names can be found here:

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