Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Firearms seized in illegal hunting crackdown

Victoria Police, in collaboration with Parks Victoria and the Game Management Authority, have seized 16 firearms in a joint agency operation targeting illegal hunting in the state’s alpine region.

Firearm and hunting exclusions begin in the alpine region from 16 December.

Police say such activity outside of the authorized times and locations poses a significant risk to public safety especially with increased recreational visitors to the region.

Dogs are also banned from the National Park areas and such compliance formed an additional area of focus throughout the three day operation between 16 and 18 December.

“With patrols starting from Myrtleford, Mansfield and Heyfield before deploying into the National Park, this latest compliance operation is a timely reminder for visitors to understand and abide by park regulations,” Victoria Police said in a statement.

In addition to the seized firearms, four infringement notices were issued for offences including illegal hunting and bringing a dog into a park.

“Further investigations and prosecutions are to be pursued by Parks Victoria against an additional eight alleged offenders for offences including possessing a firearm and hunting in a National Park not open to hunting, and illegal spotlighting.”

“With campers and hikers expected to continue flocking to the high country for the summer holidays and upcoming New Year celebrations, Victoria Police remains committed to ensuring the safety of those visiting the parks,” Police said.

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