Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Death and disability benefit fund announced for Victorian Police

Victorian Police officers, Protective Services Officers (PSOs) and their families will be better protected in the event of death or disability under a new $15 million contingency fund announced today by the state’s Minister of Police.

Minister Anthony Carbines said the Death and Disability Contingency Fund delivers on a 2018 pledge by the Labor Government.

“Police go above and beyond to protect the community and save lives – it’s only right that we make sure they and their loved ones are supported in the event of their death or total and permanent disability,” he said.

“This will ensure all hardworking members and their families have greater peace of mind that they are financially supported if anything tragic should happen to them.”

The Fund provides operational members aged between 55 and 59 with access to a lump-sum payment if they sustain a total and permanent disability. The lump sum will be calculated based on the member’s age and final average salary – decreasing with age.

If an eligible member passes away before they reach the maximum benefits available under the current Emergency Services Defined Benefit, their estate will be eligible to make a claim on the contingency fund.

The Minister said the Fund ensures the state’s longest serving police officers are not financially disadvantaged compared to their younger peers in the event of a tragic accident. It will also ensure that our hardworking police officers receive comparable benefits to other emergency service workers, he said.

“This scheme offers crucial reassurance and security for our members aged between 55 and 60,” said Police Association of Victoria Secretary, Wayne Gatt.

“It gives them peace of mind that if something should happen to them while serving the community in the course of the difficult and dangerous work they perform, that they and their family will have financial support. 

“This has long been a pressing concern for our members and The Police Association commends the Government for listening and acting on this issue,” he said.

The fund will be administered by the Department of Justice and Community Safety, which will work with Emergency Services and State Super (ESSSuper) and Victoria Police to provide a streamlined process to claimants, the Government said in a statement today.

The Government has worked closely with The Police Association of Victoria, Victoria Police and ESSSuper to develop the contingency fund payment structure and service model, it said.

The fund will start taking applications immediately. For more information visit

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