Monday, June 24, 2024

$50m boost to ACT sustainable home scheme

The ACT Government has committed an extra $50 million to the Sustainable Household Scheme to help more households and community groups transition to an environmentally sustainable future.

Chief Minister, Andrew Barr said Canberrans have responded enthusiastically to the Scheme, with almost 9,000 households engaging in sustainability upgrades since the Scheme opened in July 2021.

This additional $50 million builds on the $150 million funded in the 2020-21 Budget.

The Sustainable Household Scheme provides zero interest loans to eligible ACT residents and community groups to assist with upgrades to their premises or to utilise renewable energy products to both reduce energy costs and limit the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Through the Scheme, ACT homes have installed solar systems, batteries, reverse cycle heating and cooling systems, hot water heat pumps and efficient electric stove tops. More than 100 new electric cars and nearly 50 used electric cars have been purchased with the help of zero interest loans under the Scheme,” the Chief Minister said.

ACT Government messaging for the sustainability scheme.

He said scheme applications have been evenly divided across the ACT.

“The ACT has committed to one of the most ambitious climate action agendas in the world. Our vision for Canberra is that of a vibrant, progressive, inclusive, innovative, and sustainable city where all can share in the benefits of a zero-emissions future.”

“The Sustainable Household Scheme is a clear example that Canberrans are ready and willing to make climate-conscious choices that deliver the greatest value for money in terms of the emissions reductions that can be achieved,” said Mr Barr.

The guidelines and more information about the Scheme including how to apply for a loan, are available on theĀ Climate Choices website.

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