Wednesday, April 24, 2024

$5.3 billion investment to thicken NSW blue line

The Minns Labor Government’s first Budget will begin a new era of responsible investment in essential services, with more than $5.3 billion to be delivered to the NSW Police Force, Minister for Police and Counter-terrorism, Yasmin Catley said today.

“For the NSW Police Force, this means ensuring they have the resources they need to prevent crime and remain a world-class policing organisation,” the Minister said.

“The 2023-24 Budget sets a strong foundation for a better and more secure force by making sustainable investments in staff and infrastructure.”

She said NSW Police officer turnover more than doubled during the last term of the former government from 513 separations in 2017-18 to 1,286 in 2021-22.

“This Government is committed to the long-term plan of rebuilding our Police Force over the next four years. The Budget commits $4 million in 2023-24 to fund an additional 20 police recruits who will hit the beat in Western Sydney after attesting at the end of this year.”

Minister Yasmin Catley visits Blue Mountains Police Area Command (file image).

“We know this region includes some of Sydney’s fastest growing areas, so this investment will help not only the people who live there, but the officers who work hard to serve the community,” said Ms Catley.

She said new investment of $103 million in capital expenditure over four years will support the upgrade of police facilities and infrastructure across the state, including:

  • $27 million for critical police operational radio communicating capabilities across the south, southwest and far west NSW;
  • $23 million uplift in minor capital works to ensure that police officers have appropriate infrastructure, facilities, technology and equipment;
  • $8 million for the construction of a new police wharf at Balmain;
  • $3 million to upgrade police facilities at Helensburgh;
  • $8 million for repairs and refurbishments, including at Glebe Police Station and Nepean Police Area Command;
  • $2 million to support the crucial role of the NSW Police Marine Command through the upgrade of the Nemesis vessel.

“Further, organised crime has no place on our streets and this Government is cracking down, with $15.4 million to create the Criminal Assets Confiscation Team, which will target, investigate and seize the ill-gotten wealth of crime kingpins, seriously disrupting their criminal activity,” said Minister Catley.

$12 million will enhance the capacity of the State’s DNA testing program and make sure police continue to have the resources to identify offenders and solve serious crimes, she said.

“The NSW Police Force serves our community day in, day out, from proactive policing and keeping our roads safe, to addressing domestic violence and targeting organised crime.”

“These are sustainable, careful but strong measures to ensure the NSW community is protected; we know a strong, well-supported and well-resourced police force is critical to achieving that,” said the Minister.

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